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Everyone wants to be in a Ukrainian Band!
The Doors - Vocalist Jim Morrison wears the embroidered shirt given to him by NYC Ukrainian artist Andy Warhol

SOME OF THE KIND RESPONSES RECEIVED AT www.ukr-can-zabavabands.ca

It looks great. Thanks
Tino Brelak (Hudi a Mocni) 9/Aug/2014

Nadia Kobelak (Skopa) 9/Aug/2014

Hi Dennis: It is good of you to take the time to lead this very worthy project - we all appreciate it.
Dennis Nykoliation (The Dennis Nykoliation Band) 24/Aug/2014

Hey Dennis.. Looks like a good project.. Maybe someday there will be a Zabava band awards night!
Adrian Lawryshyn (Zubrivka, Armadillos, Parcels To Europe [Freelance Musician & Recording Producer/Engineer]) 29/Aug/2014

Congratulations on the new website, it is a great idea, a huge undertaking but if anyone is to organize such a complete gathering of Ukrainian bands, I think you are the one to do it!
Terry Ksiondzyk (Mandrivka, Yaseny) 30/Aug/2014

Hey Dennis! What a great idea for a website!
Nick Obal (Torontula, X3M - Hloptsi Z Mista, [Music Producer & Recording Engineer]) 14/Oct/2014

Hello Dennis. Thanks for putting us in your Zabava Band Directory.
Peter Zmewsky (Steppe) 17/Dec/2014

Checked out your website... that's quite an impressive list and a massive undertaking. Good job!
Yurko Mychaluk (Klooch, Zahrava, Seven Year Itch, Nove Pokolinya [Studio session musician]) 08/Jan/2015

...good for you for doing this for the Ukrainian music scene! I'm sure all the ex Ukie band musicians will appreciate your efforts.
Misty Fedak (Solovey, Tyrsa, Vorona) 11/Jan/2015

It was fun and interesting reading about the other bands.
Orest Semeniuk (Vorona) 13/Jan/2015

Dennis, Great job on your website! This is a valuable resource for our community and for getting the word out about our Ukrainian bands and musicians.
Brian Cherwick (Kubasonics, UB [Reknown Musician & Ethnomusicologist]) 20/Jan/2015

Hello Dennis, Good Job !!! Thanks for having Zbruch there.
Oleg Matsievski (Zbruch) 26/Jan/2015

Hi Dennis, Wow - what a great resource for the Ukrainian community you have created!
Congratulations, and thank you for your efforts.

Adrian Warchola (Euphoria) 01/Feb/2015

That's great work you did putting that site together Dennis!
Christina Lew (Toronto Mandolin Orchestra) 10/Feb/2015

Good work on the website. It's always good to keep records like this to keep the spirit alive.
Richard Tyce (S-Bahn Band) 27/Feb/2015

I think it is really cool that you are keeping track of such a thing and I am beyond delighted to be mentioned on your website.
Lesyk Pater-Barabash (Torontula) 27/Feb/2015

Hello Dennis, I was impressed that you had my old band in there (Prairie Pride). Well done. You obviously put a great deal of work into this. Somewhat of a running history of Ukr. bands throughout Canada. Very nice.
Steven Chwok (Prairie Pride, [Host of Edmonton's CFCW Zabava Program]) 17/May/2015

Hey Dennis... I like the website. I didn't think there were so many Ukrainian bands around.
Roman Zazulak (Blysk Shabel, Yaseny) 30/Oct/2015

Hi Dennis. I really like what you're doing here, and I'm glad that you've taken this on to archive the zabava scene.
Bill Hawryschuk (Burya, Solovey, Zirka, Retro Zabava All Star Band, Zubrivka, etc.) 01/Nov/2015

Beautiful. Thank you very much.
Myron Kurjewicz (Melos Folk Ensemble Orchestra) 28/Apr/2017

It All Looks Great !!!!!
Bruce Yakoweshen (5 Star, Prairie Rose Band, Joe Hrycyk & the Starlites, etc.) 05/Jul/2017

Great website for our kind of music... Canadian Ukrainian bands have always been relegated to the niche of ethnic music, even though the repertoire of most bands is extensive and covers several genres of music.
Don Kushman (Party Time Orchestra - PTO) 14/Jul/2017

You did a very good job.
Dr. Ihor Cap (Samotsvit) 03/Jan/2018

Really neat site! ..... what an amazing job !!!
WOW !!! .... Trully a website of Love & History of Ukie Music.

Andy Sydoryshyn (Nove Pokolinya) 24/Jan/2018

Some kind people just informed me of your site and Thank You for putting my name is there as well. I really appreciate and agree with what you are attempting to create here. It is long, long overdue and to try to document all of the content is no easy task for sure.
Don Bilinski (aka Polkadon) 03/Jun/2018

Many thanks once again for your work in ihis field and your dedication to the recognition and preservation of our music.
Don Bilinski (aka Polkadon) 06/Jun/2018

Wow! Dennis, I don't know how you managed to do it, but this is amazing!!
Victor Lishchyna (Solovey) 05/Jan/2019

...I'd like to thank you and congratulate you on building this amazing website - truly an encyclopedia of Canadian Ukie music!
Orest Vankevich (Zvook) 06/Mar/2019



Though this website is dedicated to Ukrainian-Canadian Zabava Bands, here is our chance to acknowledge our fellow Ukrainian-American musician friends who have shared a stage with their zabava bands!
This, obviously, is just a partial list.

A1 - ?
Akula - Chicago, Illinois
Alex (Chudolij) And Dorko (Senchyshyn) Band - New York
Amor Orchestra - New York
Berkut - New Jersey
Blyskawka Orchestra - New York
Bohdan Fedusiw - Troy, New York / Beverly Hills, CA
Bohdan Hirniak Orchestra - Glen Spey, New York
Boombox - Chicago, Illinois
Charivni Ochi - Connecticut
Chary Orchestra (Walt Syzonenko) - New Jersey / Florida
Cheres Ukrainian Folk Ensemble - New York City, NY
Chervona Kalyna - New York City, NY
Chetverta Hvilya - New York ?
Chornozem - Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
Chris & Ronnie Polka Band - Staten Island, NY
Chumaky - Philadelphia, PA
Chysto Brud - Rochester, NY
Dibrova - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ?
Dolya - Copiague (Long Island), New York
Dva Kolory - ?
Ephyra - Chicago, Illinois
Family Trio Heavenstar (Nebozir) - New York
Fata Morgana - New Jersey / New York
Fourth Wave Band - New Jersey
Gerdan - Washington, D.C.
Golden Tones - ?
Grupo Yuri (Yuri Turchyn) - New York / New Jersey
Halychany Ensemble - Detroit, MI
Harmonia Band - Cleveland, OH
Hrim - New York City, NY
Hutsuly Orchestra - ?
IKA - Edison, NJ
Iskra - New York City, NY
Izmarahd - Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Jolly Jacks (Gene Shelemi Orchestra) - ?
Karavana - ?
Karpaty Ensemble - Philadelphia, PA
Khloptsi zi Lvova - New Jersey
Klopit - Chicago, Illinois
Kobzari Ukrainian Folk Ensemble - Omaha, Nebraska
Korinya Ukrainian Folk Band - New Paltz, NY
Luna Band - Woodbridge, New Jersey
M. Tkach Orchestra - ?
Malvy - Chicago, Illinois
Marvin and Bill Cerkoney Band - Belfield (Dickinson), North Dakota
Melodiers - Youngstown, OH
Miakyi Znak - Chicago, Illinois
Mria - Chicago, Illinois
Na'Zdorovya - Bronxville (Greater NYC area), New York
New Dimension Orchestra - Rochester, New York
Nova Band - Philadelphia, PA ?
Novi Chasy - ?
Oberehy - Copiague (Long Island), New York
Oles Kuzyszyn Trio - New York / New Jersey
Ostap Stakhiv Orchestra - Pittsburgh, PA ?
Pawlo Humeniuk -
Philly Funk Authority - Philadelphia, PA
Rendezvous - Chicago, Illinois
Promin - Chicago, Illinois
Prychyna - Chicago, Illinois
Ridny Kray - Baltimore, MD
Romen Orchestra - Cleveland, OH
Ruta - Syracuse, New York ?
Scythian Band - Washington, D.C.
Sounds of Soyuzivka (Soyuzivka Orchestra) - Soyuzivka (Kerhonkson), New York
Surgery - New York City, NY
Svitanok (Switanok) (aka The Liquid Gypsies) - Albany, NY / NYC / Connecticut
Tamburitzans - Pittsburgh, PA
Tempo Orchestra - Elizabeth, NJ / New York City, NY
Those Idiots - Buffalo, NY
Ukrainian American String Band
Ukrainian Souvenir - New York
Ukrainian Village Band (aka. Hurt Seljukiv!) - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Unnecessary Polka - Pittsburgh, PA
Vatra - Yonkers, NY
Vechirka Band - Rochester, New York
Vechirna Zoria - New York ?
Veseli Chasy (Good Times Band) - Carol Stream (Chicago), Illinois
Veseli Nochi - Liverpool, NY
Vodohraj (Vodohray) - Chicago, Illinois
Vodohray - New York City, NY
Volcanos - New York
Vorony - Camillus (Syracuse), New York
Vox Ethnika Orchestra - New York City, NY
Vyshyvky - New Jersey ?
Walt Procanyn Orchestra - New York City, NY
Walter Dobuschak and His Orchestra - New York
Wave Band, The - New Hyde Park (Long Island), New York
Zabava Band - New York
Zelene Zhyto Orchestra - Philadelphia, PA
Zhurawli Orchestra - Norwalk, Connecticut
Zoria - Chicago, Illinois




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A zabava is not a zabava unless you hear some of your favourite zabava songs!
Here's a list of some favourite zabava songs.
( If you are a young zabava band just beginning to play - this is a good list of songs from which to start. )
Била мене мати / Byla Mene Maty // Mother Scolded Me
Біла хмара, чорна хмара / Bila Hmara, Chorna Hmara // White Cloud, Black Cloud
Вітер віє / Veeter Veeye // The Whirlwind Blows
Водограй / Vodohray // The Fountain
Волиняночка / Volynnyanochka // Girl From Volyn
Ворожка (< Мені ворожка ворожила) / Vorozhka // The Fortuneteller
Галю // Halyu
Ганю // Hanyu
Гори, Гори / Hory, Hory // The Mountains, The Mountains
За дунаєм / Za Dunayem // Beyond The Danube
Іванку // Ivanku
Карі очі, чорні брови / Kari Ochi, Chorni Brovy // Beautiful 'Enchanting' Brown Eyes, Dark Brows
Коломийка // Kolomeyka
Мала я мужа / Mala Ya Muzha // I Had a Drunk & Lazy Husband
Марічко // Marichko
Мої ясени / Moyi Yaseny // My Ash Trees
Ой, гарна, я гарна / Oy, Harna Ya Harna // I'm Pretty And Proud
Ой, смереко / Oy, Smereko // Oh, My Fir Tree
Oй та дуна дана / Oy Ta Duna Dana
Ой, у вишневому садочку / Oy, U Vyshnevomu Sadochku // In The Cherry Orchard
Ой, чий той кінь стоїть / Oy, Chay Toj Keen Stoyit // Whose Horse Stands There?
Ой, чорна я си чорна / Oy, Chorna, Ya Se Chorna // I am Dark and Beautiful, Like A Gypsy
Очі сині / Ochi syni // Blue Eyes
Piдна мати моя (Pушничок) / Ridna Maty Moya (Rushnychok) // Dearest Mother of Mine (The Embroidered Towel)
Розпрягайте хлопці коні / Rozprjahajte Khloptsi Koni // Unharness The Horses, Boys!
Сам п'ю, сам гуляю / Sam Pyu, Sam Hulyaju // I Drink Alone, I Carouse Alone
Сину, качки летять / Synu, Kachky Letyat // My Son, Ducks Will Fly
Соловею / Soloveyu // The Nightingale
Сусідко / Susidko // My Pretty Neighbour
Тече вода каламутна / Teche Voda Kalamutna // The Water Flows Muddy
Ти ж мене підманула / Ty zh Mene Pidmanula // You Tricked Me, (You Let Me Down!)
Український весільний марш // Ukrainian Wedding March
Циганочка / Tsyhanochka // The Gypsy Girl
Чабан / Chaban // The Shepherd
Червона рута / Chervona Ruta // The Red Ruta Flower
Черемшина / Cheremshyna // The Choke Cherry Tree (or Bird Cherry, Bitter Cherry)
Чорнобривці / Chornobryvtsi // The Marigolds
Чотири пияки / Chotyry Piyaky // The Four (Drunk) Drinkers (or Four Drunkards)
Ярема (Оце я...) // Yarema

OK. here's a guy who deserves some respect !
Mr. Zenon Chwaluk has MC'd more festivals, banquets and charity events than you can shake a mic at !!
Most of them he does of his own goodwill !!!
You will see him on a stage soon - give him a cheer.


Dr. Brian Cherwick (of The Kubasonics) wrote his University thesis titled:
Polkas on the Prairies: Ukrainian Music and the Construction of Identity
towards completing his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Ukrainian Folklore and Ethnomusicology.

issue from SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1980

See page #10 for the story titled:
"Ukrainian Bands and their development in The United States and Canada from 1959 to the present."

A few more assorted articles:

A Brief History About Ukrainian Music In Canada.

by Mark Jaroslav Bandera.


The Canadian Encyclopedia
Ukrainian Music in Canada



  Please feel free to submit any band information & stories, scans of: photographs, album covers, song lists, posters, newspaper clippings, etc, to uczbweb@gmail.com
Together we can preserve for the future a very important segment of Ukrainian-Canadian social life and culture.

Help keep the Ukrainian spirit alive in our great country -
Thank you. Дякую.

Веселої Забави!